Lisa P

What does one say about ones self? Usually I’m not at a loss for words, all it takes is one simple sitting with me to understand my joy of talking. But at this moment I’m a bit stumped as to what to say about myself…mystifying as this may seem to some of you…especially those who know me…its true.

However, you have graciously stopped by to read what I have to say for one reason or another and I think it’s only fair to tell you a bit about myself no matter how inherently difficult it is for me to do so.

Here’s my little monologue of sorts:

As the title of my blog states I am a true Passionate Eclectic. I love all things that allow me to be completely creative. I’m learning to live the simple life but occasionally complicate it just for kicks. I like deep thoughts, a good quote, a conversation over coffee and the color green. Laughing brings me joy and I find many things amusing, even when they would seem preposterous to most normal people…that makes it even funnier to me. I spend way too much time in my vehicle and eat waffles every Sunday with my family. I am a mother of three lovely and lively children….they are quick witted, healthy, active, generous, loving, clever and without a doubt mine. I have a very supportive husband who is the most well rounded person I’ve ever met…he is as serious as he is funny…quite an enigma that husband of mine….he is one in a million and next to his mother I’m his biggest fan. I have an educational background in Public Relations but am currently working in a Marketing Communications position. Word on the street is that’s where it’s at!

In between being a working woman and one of those moms that tries to make sure everyone has clean underwear, does their homework, takes a bath and has food in their bellies….I thrive on making stuff….any stuff really…I’m not picky. I do love to cook, and then eat what I’ve made…but not crazy about baking…I’ll do it…but it’s not my favorite.

And lastly…In my former life I was a flight attendant and visited some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world….some I’d like to re-visit…some I’m okay to leave in my memory. I also enjoy doing lots of girly things like shopping and collecting a ridiculous amount of shoes. Reading and writing is a tonic for me and summertime is my preferred season….with Christmas being my favorite holiday of course!

Wow, that was a lot of information from someone who was stumped….sorry if I lead you astray…my bad!

Now you know a little more about me,

Lisa P


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