Theme in Progress

Usually at this time of year I write some silly New Years post about resolutions, how I don’t make them and why I’m better off without them.

Pfft. Ya I’m done with those kind of posts.

I’ve well covered the topic, and we all know I’m nutso. I don’t need to write about it. Plus, does anyone do “resolutions” anymore? As far as I can tell they don’t really have staying power. How many people do you know still discuss their resolutions in July? ZERO!! That’s how many. And do you want to know why? I have a theory…they quit doing them January 2nd.

Yep, one whole day after they made ’em.

I have yet to ask anyone how their resolutions are going in July, but I can guarantee I’d get a face full of “huh”?

Now, look, if you are a resolution type person with lots of admirable qualities, we can still hang out, despite our vast differing views on life lists, but only on two conditions: (A) You NEVER talk about your resolutions, especially in July, and (B) you wear Pantone’s colour of the year somewhere on your person at all times. Apparently this year it’s Orchid. Isn’t that nice, you’d look lovely in Orchid. I’m really doing you a huge favour…keeping you less annoying and completely current and fashionable!

You’re welcome.

Plus there a ton of other better ideas floating around out there that really make more sense – to me any way. A friend of mine chooses a theme word for the year. Now that’s something I can get on board with.

So my word this year will be Intentional.

I decided on it when I turned 40 back in June so I’ve had lots of time to let it settle in, get comfy and set up camp.

Conciously being intentional isn’t easy, and I haven’t been great at it so far. But I’m feeling like its gonna be a banner year.

You can even ask me about it in July.


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