Well, I’m realizing my last 5 posts are much harder to finish than I thought!

I figured the last few would be relatively easy, especially considering how ready I was to be done with the whole blogging thing…of which I’ve yet to talk about or explain….and I will…but not now. Later.

Right now I have a nice story I’d like to share with you.

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to have a blog. But some days she didn’t know what to write about so she just wrote titles or a few sentences hoping one day she’d go back and write more. She never did. The end.

Isn’t that a nice story…and it’s all 100% truth…Pioneer Girl’s honour.

I just counted 35 unwritten posts in my draft folder…most of them titles. Weird I know. Here are my top ten faves:

  1. The Saftey of Underwear and a Helmut – I think we can all be thankful I didn’t finish that one!
  2. Opinionation – BOR-ING!
  3. Ditching the Fitch – Now this one I wish I had finished. It was going to be a rant piece about the big Abercrombie scandal a few months back. Man was I fired up! I was going to dish an earful about how stupid they were and then I was going to throw “Mike the Situation” right under the bus for about three paragraphs. Ya..that one would’ve been brilliant.
  4. Fashion Senseless – This one was prompted by a confusing magazine article I read about having a “dog walking” and “underground parking garage” outfit. ???? Really?? Do I need that many outfits? Right…then I should have one for: “taking out the trash”, “checking the mailbox”, and “running outside to yell at my kids to come in for dinner”
  5. No Where Blog Land – stupid
  6. I Came to Get Down – I have no business writing about such things…I don’t rap, I can’t dance, and I only jump around on occasion! What was I thinking!
  7. Whic – ya I don’t know either
  8. Hair, Sacrifice, Regret and Other Deep Thoughts – I think this one would’ve been really good. It was about my daughter cutting her hair to donate for cancer.
  9. In the Company of Women – Look, here it is in a nutshell: women need to spend time with other women and have good girlfriends – it’s really important. And they should be kind and loving to one another. Not caddy, nasty or judgemental. There. I just finished that post. Next.
  10. One Man – This one may get written about yet…nothing funny here…just straight up tear jerking.

Lots of unwritten thoughts. There was one that was partially finished back when I was writing a daily post for my silly project mayhem. The beginning was kind of dumb which is why I probably didn’t finish or publish it…but the ending was pretty funny. At the time I was reading “Bossy Pants” by Tina Fey…

At the very beginning of the book…around page 20, Tina Fey is talking about woman trying to change how they look…and how in the seventies if you weren’t blond blue eyed and Farrah Faucett, you weren’t beautiful. Than she made a reference to Joyce Dewitt from Three’s Company and how it was a complete bust that she was the representative for all brunettes. Remember? Bowl cut, suntan pantyhose under a football jersey night shirt?

Well I was a child of the 70’s and I loved that show just as much as the next kid. I was a brunette and I did have Joyce Dewitt’s bowl cut….but what I really wanted was Suzanne Sommer hair

I’m  not totally sure where I was going with my Janet/Chrissy comparison…but if I had to hazard a guess I think I was going to share how I use to wear a blanket on my head so I could transform my bowl  Dorothy Hamill surf cut into long tendrils of blond bombshell awesomeness. Except the blanket I used was a pinky peach and I often put it into ponytails with bobbles. Smokin’ Hot Yo!

Silly I know…especially when, truth be told, I held a closer resemblance to Jack Tripper.  The neighbours across the road thought my parents had a daughter and a son for YEARS!!

Curse you 70’s and your bowl cut with it’s clever and attractive alias “surf”!

Somewhere out there on the other side of the country my sister is  having a really good laugh. I dedicate this post to her and all the other unfortunate girls who were subjected to such hair tragedy.

Especially since we were all told we’d look like this:

Dorothy Hamill hair

But really looked like this:


I should start a support group…”surf cuts anonymous.” Call me.


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