Post #93 and Why #100 Scares Me

I started this post about two months ago,  except at that point it was titled “Post #91 and why #100 scares me”.

Thankfully I didn’t finish it then, it would have been fitfully impulsive filled with phrases like: “I think I’m going to….” or “I have a little hunch I need to…” “I’m not sure why but I have to….”

Basically I would’ve been writing a post I wasn’t completely sure of or sold on, based on an inkling and second guesses. But who has time to read such wishy washy, uncertain drivel? You don’t I’m sure. You’ve got more important things to do with your time, I know you do. Like making wonderful memories with your family, or solving crimes involving empty milk cartons in the fridge, or  how to make ten different meals at a time in a crock pot while only using three ingredients. I get it, your busy, and I value your time, so I didn’t write anything. I waited.

Feeling unsure of how long I should wait I called my sister and asked her advice, told her the title and what I was about to write. She said, “It doesn’t have to be so final, let things transpire, let it flow – man”

So I tried to let things “flow” by doing quiet stuff like walking the dog, and driving around without the radio on.Then I tried to let them “transpire” by writing two more posts.

But nothing flowed and nothing transpired.

Then this past week I was blinded with so much clarity my brain hurt, and I couldn’t wait any longer to write this:

“Post #100 will be my last written blog post” 

Yep, I’m done…

…right after I write posts #94-#99, because deep down inside I understand my need for a clear cut final place to end.

Then I’ll be done.

For now.


2 thoughts on “Post #93 and Why #100 Scares Me

  1. nooooooo! say it ain’t so. i love reading your blog. always have enough time to stop the sleuthing to read it…… [i had these thots too at 100 but now am at 825. i guess i’m addicted]

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