Not Just a Pile Of Wood

I don’t know how – I don’t know when

But at some point this pile of wood

reclaimed lumber

will magically turn into a table that looks an awful lot like this:


We’ve needed extra eating square footage for an eternity now so I’ve been eyeballing a million and one different farmhouse/ harvest tables for just the right one and I’m pretty sure this is it!

My present for – eh hem – “bravely” turning 40. Yep a table. That I would build myself. That’s what I wanted.

Weirdo – I’m aware.

Originally I wanted to make this table by Ana White:

farmhouse table - Ana White

It’s a knock off of this table from Anthropologie:

anthropologie table

However, it appears this particular table has been very popular with all the handy folk out there, and after examining if for the umpteenth time I finally decided it wasn’t really floating my boat anymore.

Its the two beams that angle in from the sides. They have me a little concerned about the “post meal stretch”.  Having a comfortable place to put your feet after a big meal is very important to me, and those beams look like they could get in the way. Someone will end up squeezing their feet through that weird triangular space. Or worse, try to rest them on an angle.

No good.

My newly approved table still has some leggy obstacles at the end, and I know the two lucky individuals who get to sit there (usually me and my husband) may not be able to stretch out. But I like the design too much and the wood has been bought so we’ll just have to take one for the team.

You can thank me later when you come for dinner.

So we’ll tweak Ana’s Anthropologie knock off to make it look more like the first one – whose design fully supports comfortable leg stretching and fancy comfy end chairs.

And my husband thinks I’m not a planner. Pft!


2 thoughts on “Not Just a Pile Of Wood

  1. One of my favorite table designs. In particular I like the bench rather than chairs. I’ve always felt that a bench works better and can also be fitting in even a more formal setting if you do it right. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Bill for stopping by!! I just popped over to your blog…loved the title! I LOVE this table design also…just hoping mine turns out as great. I probably need lots of luck 😉

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