The Other Side of 40

This past weekend I officially landed on the other side of 40.

I won’t lie, the day started off a bit rocky. I woke up giving myself a “hoo-ha” pep talk of not being shaken, moved or bothered in any way shape of form.

Then I cried.

A little 5 minute pity party cry. The only reason I let myself go there was because it was my birthday and I vowed I would allow myself to do whatever I wanted and feel however I wanted.

I know I know…it’s just a number…but the cry was coming whether I wanted it to or not. Plus I figured I should get it out now and be done with it. So after I shamelessly moistened my eyes, I decided enough was enough and the day would go on with or without me. I could enjoy it or be a baby. I chose to enjoy it….while also being a bit bossy.

Totally legit. I’m 40 man.

“Don’t want to clean your room? Too bad. I’m 40.”

My entire family accepted this excuse. I’m positive  I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it. Saying I’m 40 while being bossy seems to hold power beyond measure. One of those silver linings I guess.

Turning 40 was a bit weird…not horrible…just weird. I know how expectations can sometimes ruin my day, so I let my family off the hook and told them, no party, no big gifts, no hoopla. Sure I have a few special things coming my way – time away with the hubby, a sister visit, and a day with my girls – all great stuff….but nothing too crazy.

Instead they humoured me with an unusual shopping trip for my present – which I will talk about soon cause it’s an awesome buildy project!! – and let me haul them all downtown for a picnic and a stroll. It was the perfect day – simple and sunny. The best combination for anything! Even 40 birthdays. I don’t like getting too schmaltzy…but it really was a great gift. Spending time with those I love most.

And the kids even cleaned their rooms, smiled for all the pictures I took of them and were pretty happy having a low key mom day.






Lucky me.



4 thoughts on “The Other Side of 40

  1. I’ve been told this decade flies faster than any other in a woman’s life (little kids at your ankles, work, life…we are incredibly industrious). So savour this time. It’s been the best decade of my life already!

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