Taking it Curbside

Last week the weather was so nice, I decided to swap my indoor chores for outside ones. We are still picking away at the inside, but my art work project is still driving me a bit crazy and all the junk we’ve been pulling out has been obnoxiously sitting on my front porch. So it was time for a switcheroo.

outside 1

outside 2

outside 3

How’s that for a “how do you do?”

Not very welcoming.

So over the weekend I cleaned up, planted some flowers, pulled out some furniture, and grabbed myself some paint.

green sample

Ahhh that’s a little better! Fortunately I had everything on hand – except the plants. I bought the chairs from the previous home owner and it will forever be a mystery as to why she painted one grey and one purple. Guess it was the creative current she was vibing that day – which I can get down with – but they won’t be staying that way. My creative current wants to vibe in a bit of a different direction. I had the rectangular planters, and the two round ones were left with the house.

I’ve always disliked the front door. Eventually we would like to change it, but for now it’s staying, so I’m freshening it up a bit. Originally I thought of going yellow. But deep down in my core I knew I would eventually grow tired of it. I’m a green girl through and through and it’s one of those colours I NEVER get tired of. So green it was. We debated about 20 different green paint chips with a Benjamin Moore colour designer in about 15 minutes. I have something very specific in my mind and figured how wrong can you really go with green? I think it’s one of the easier colours to get right.

I thought for sure I’d picked the right one but still bought a sample can and painted a board to be on the safe side. But in the end I really wanted to get it on the door for the full effect – and to create some extra work for myself, because I really love doing that.

green door 1

Ummm not exactly, but close. Bummer, a whole hour wasted. And if that wasn’t bad enough for the next day and a half I never heard the end of it. I got Kermit the Frog impersonations, leprechaun jokes in Irish accents and a suggestion we change our last name to O’Pike – good grief! They should just thank their lucky charms it was Mother’s day and I was in a good mood!

My sister – who’s opinion ranked higher than the rest of the O’Pikes – felt it was a little too Calypso, mine –  a bit too radioactive and dare I say “Soylent Green”. So I’m back to the drawing board.

I did have one silent supporter.

Aspen watching

Guess he isn’t such a jerk after all.


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