Another Day in the Life of a Lisa P Project

We are now on round 2 of my cheap crafty modge podgy photo artwork awesomeness, and I have to say I think this project HATES me!

I have no idea what my problem is, but I honestly can’t seem to get this thing to go my way. This time I was even slow, careful and without a roomful of opinionated onlookers. And still – nothin.

However I did get it up this time and even though I’m still disappointed I haven’t ripped it down in a flurry.

Here it is:

DIY Photo Poster Artwork

From this angle it looks pretty good and so cool, I know…and you might be saying…”Uh..ya right Lisa – totally hates you” and then you might go and do that twirly cuckoo thing around your temple and think I’ve sniffed a bit too much modge podge. So let me explain.

For some reason even though I verified  my dimensions several times to the nice photo copying specialist at Staples my poster came out 1/4 of an inch too short on the width. And even though I very carefully and slowly pasted down my photo in very tiny sections smoothing as I went – which was my new strategy – I still ended up with messy exposed edges and a bunch of wrinkles.


And then I got all fancy and cocky with my smoothing and went and did this:


Gadzooks this girl is frustrated.

But, I’m definitely a glass half fuller and thought I could do something to fix it, or at the very least I should sleep on it and come up with a solution in the morning.

Well, after some careful deliberation, numerous head tilts and careful up close examination I decided to do some alternate option exploring…because I LOVE this idea and really really really want to make it work. So I did some handy dandy googling and uncovered some very promising photo transferring techniques that has left me both shocked and speechless!

Not really, but since this is turning into a saga I thought I should really play the part.

Stay tuned for another instalment of “A Day in the Life of a Lisa P Project”.

I sound ridiculous I’m aware. Twirly finger cuckoo away. I can take it.


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