The Glamorous Side of Renovating

I snapped this photo yesterday while I was getting ready for work.


Oh ya, roller on my vanity! That’s right, cause you never know when you may want to paint something whilst in the bathroom!

I consider myself a fairly honest girl. But I wonder if I may be holding back a few tidbits of reality…like storing paint supplies in my bathroom. Plus when people come to visit I scramble around throwing things in the garage or closets and then wistfully welcome them into my home like it’s no big deal we’re ripping everything apart into a big dirty, dusty, and disorganized mess.

So here are a few “reno reality” photos…I like to call The Glamorous Side of Renovating.

If you’ve ever renovated you’ll look and say, “Ahh Yes, mmm hmm!” and then you’ll nail me with a “Sucker!”

If you’ve never renovated – well I’m sorry – you may want to look away because I’m sure these photos will turn you off permanently.

front floor floor boards painting station carpet rip up master bedrom mess garbage on the deck furniture in bathroom


The toaster isn’t really a renovating photo, but sort of a result of renoing. It’s been sitting there since Christmas time when a bagel got stuck and it caught on fire. I just thought it was a nice final touch to the chaos I currently live in.

Now that I’ve peaked your curiosity, I guess I should add the mess did occur in stages! Progress photos coming up next.

I’m on it.


9 thoughts on “The Glamorous Side of Renovating

  1. Nice Little! Love the toaster – I am laughing my head off! You are a complimentary Chinese dish to “Tim Son Jenn” you are “Tim Son Lis”

  2. i just about posted a picture of our new dishwasher stuck in the middle of the dining room, waiting for cupboards to be installed (sometime in the next three years). oh how i relate to all you have written!

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