Alive and Flailing

Kicking is really what should be in the title…but in good conscience I couldn’t say that. I would sort of be lying. Because flailing is really what I’m doing these days. From one thing to the next. Forget busy…no siree…I’ve completely by-passed busy and gone straight to flailing. When asked  “How are you doing?” No one wants to hear; “I’m sooooo busy”…so instead I’m choosing to respond with “flailing”! Feel free to borrow it if you like…I don’t mind. Just be sure to let them know who the ultimate “flailer” is…not failure…FLAILER. The two could get easily mixed up…so just be sure you don’t send a drop kick my way while trying to give me credit!

All flailing aside there are a few things I’d like to get off my chest. Lets talk a moment about the writing I’ve done lately or lack there of.

Do you  know that since last year at this time I’ve written a grand total of…

wait for it…

6 posts.

Holy Snikies! That is lamo.

Of course I have a million and one excuses as to how this has transpired…but all are silly and probably could set up permanent residence in snoozeville…so lets just say I have my theories…but I’ll keep them to my self.

For now.

Except for one.

I think I may be a ritualistic writer. Which is soooo weird to me because deep down I’m really an “all over the map” kinda girl. But it’s true. In our old house I had a very specific spot that I would sit and do all my writing.

Here was my sweet spot:


And I would look out at this:


Clearly all my comfy sitting while looking out at that awesome view and gulping down copious amounts of coffee really did make for some inspired writing.

Ahhh I miss my favourite spot. I knew I would. Not that I’m complaining…not at all. But I often wish we could take our current house and plunk it onto our previous house’s lot. I’m pretty sure our new home would like it there.

Settling in has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would, and I’ve yet to find my new sweet spot. I guess that’s what happens when you keep ripping things apart! Duh.

Our renoing is moving along and we’ve made a lot of progress. Every time a room gets painted I feel completely elated…but then there are days I wonder if it will ever end, and if we’ll ever not be living in an upside down house with missing baseboards and light switch plates, tools that can’t seem to get put away, stray screws, hardened paintbrushes and dried up paint on my sink, empty paint cans littering up our garage, furniture constantly being shuffled around….oh my word just typing it out is stressful!

It’ll all be worth it I know, and the sense of satisfaction at the end will make me forget all the annoyances along the way. And writing about it always makes me feel better. In a weird way it gives me confirmation that something is actually getting accomplished.

So I guess I better hurry up and find that sweet spot!


2 thoughts on “Alive and Flailing

  1. I think I’m going to steal “flailing” but I’ll definitely give you credit for ultimate flailer! 😛

    I’m happy to read a new post from you! I hope they come more often, but I completely understand the need for a “sweet spot” and the million and one excuses!

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