Wasting Time

I don’t really get spare time…I like to tell myself I do, but I don’t really.

However, if I am able to squeeze a teeny tiny morsel of time to myself I occasionally read, write, or google research myself to death.

And then sometimes I just waste it. Like today. But look what I created with my wasted time:


See how I even added my blog address at the bottom so when it goes viral there will be absolutely no question or confusion as to where  it came from. Pure genius I tell you.

If you would like to waste some time captioning photos like I did you can do it here. I also used power point. If you don’t have your own photo to caption you can use some from these nice people that will let you use theirs from their flicker streams. See, now you know how  those poor animals are getting captioned all over pinterest. Like I said, pure genius!

Winky our elf does look pretty cute though doesn’t he? We even captured a few photos of him helping out with some of the renos we did before Christmas. Yep get excited…reno pics are coming soon!

….that is if I didn’t scare you away with my photo captioning geekiness!

Its alright, occasionally I fly my weird flag higher than normal…and I’m a-okay with that.


One thought on “Wasting Time

  1. Hey, I say fly that weird flag as high as you can get it all the time! 😛

    I’m not clicking on that link yet though . . . I have a feeling I’ll be on there for HOURS! 😛

    Definitely genius!

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