Breaking the Bed

Every now and then a project comes along that forces me to put on my bossy pants and remind everybody who’s in charge.

Of course obstinate inanimate objects have no idea what they are up against when they start messing with me. I’m a working mother of three, who’s almost 40, and stays up way past her bed time – EVERY night…I have  no time for diy shenanigans. My projects need to go tickety boo or else somebody or something’s gonna pay…big time! Lets just say you won’t see me making any impressive faux capiz light fixtures made out of sandwiched pieces of wax paper ironed together any time soon….I’ve considered it….but crazy doesn’t live here anymore…it only comes to visit every now and then. (Although it is tempting…plus I left my beloved REAL capiz chandelier at our previous house…duh! What was I thinking!)

My recent obstinate project was a bit of a shocker. Jessica agreed to use my old brass bed as hers and excitedly got on board when I convinced her we should paint it a funky pea green. I thought it would be a snap, having been painted once before without a hitch. So of course I started badda binging and badda booming myself all the way to the paint store.

Now you know me, Im not much for giving unsolicited advice…but I feel all my silly mistake making has given me the right to offer up some helpful suggestions or warnings if you will.

Here they are:

1. When a Benjamin Moore sales associate tells you what steps you should take to paint your project…specifically steps involving priming – LISTEN!!! Take notes, ask questions…but whatever you do respect their advice. They are the most educated paint people on the planet.

2. When your new neighbour who also works at Benjamin Moore, and can name every house’s exterior colour for three blocks, tells you they normally discourage people from painting brass because it’s a pain in the butt- LISTEN!!!

Oh who’s kidding who, when push comes to shove it appears I’m just as obstinate as any old project! Of course I didn’t listen to either pieces of advice…on account of me being a “smarty pants know it all who thinks she’s done enough painting in her life to exempt her from taking advice from paid painting associates”…and ended up engaging myself in a battle of the wills with my old “previously painted” brass bed.

Here’s what I had before  – complete with a sample testing of the right shade of green.

Of course because of all the said previous comments I’m still struggling to get this crazy bed finished. Headboard is done, but sadly footboard is sitting waiting it’s final coat….soooo no after photos. I know, I know total rip off.

But because I love you all so much and would not like you to go away empty handed, I’ll add in a few photos of the beds that inspired me to tackle this in the first place. And in the mean time you can give me the ole virtual “get a move on” eyeballs to kick my butt in gear – and then wait patiently…or not…I respect freedom of choice….for the grand unveiling!


Martha Stewart


The Little House in the City


Apartment Therapy


Event Lucky

teal bed


red Bed


green beds


robin's egg blue bed


So much inspiration out there for painted beds. It was tricky to make the colour decision because they are all so excellan-teh…but Jess liked the green and we found some new bedding that matched perfectly…so split pea it was!

After pics will come soon…promise.


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Bed

  1. Ha ha! i can relate. i have been saving a little tiny project of my own that needed repainting (use thinner) and tackled it last week it looks hideous and i am comtemplating whether the sentimental value of it (the last thing my mom ever bought me at a garage sale ) is worth scraping it down and starting again CAN YOU TELL THAT MY CAPS LOCK IS STUCK? thanks to my ever-loving son> i have been pressing the shift key with my baby finger for this whole reply>

  2. Marnie you are soooo funny! I love sentimental things. My sister recently mailed me (yes MAILED me) our grandmother’s old drop leaf table and china cabinet. They should probably be pitched but I just couldn’t bring myself to ditching them. Aren’t we funny with our things? I’d say keep at ‘er…I bet it’ll eventually come together for you 🙂

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