Mr. Miyagi, Resolutions and Other Deep Thoughts

January…it’s the time of year that makes us all reflective and resolution-ish. Fancy, ambitious lists start floating around with important dos and don’ts that will no doubt make our lives perfecto. For some strange reason this particular month also makes me feel like I’ve been a good for nothing lazy bum over the last 365 days and now all of a sudden because its January I’ll have a new lease on life and  a simple list along with a well written plan will help me change my sworded ways and become the quintessential human being.

But last year I freed myself from all the resolution hoopla and decided an “un-list” was what worked best for me. This year will be no different. I’ll look on with deep admiration at the brave lot of you who compile lists of resolutions and even with slight envy at those that can follow through with them. However I won’t be without my desires to improve upon a few things that continually haunt me. The biggest ghost rider of them all being the illusive “balance”.

I’d all but given up on trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle when my own opinions were tainted and ill informed by someone else’s who believed balance in life was a myth, unattainable, and we would be delusional to think we could achieve it. I can’t remember who wrote those impressionable thoughts, I didn’t know her personally, but she was a smart writer with a very successful blog and children, so of course she would know! I let it become an a-ha moment and decided to give up the annoying quest to maintain balance in my own life. I felt relief, mainly because I could now justify and release myself from making wise choices with my time because, as we all know, balance is a myth…of course it is! And for sure I wasn’t going to be the only sucker chasing it.

Then recently I had a better – smarter – a-ha moment while watching the original Karate Kid. In between laughing at the hilarity of that movie and how I once aspired to have as many Ralph Machio posters as my mother would allow me to hang on the walls of my room, I heard something that had escaped my attention in the past.

karate kid

Vintage Karate Kid T-Shirt

Mr. Miyagi and Danielson are doing some pretty bang-up karate training in a boat on a lake when Daniel in his naive, impatient, annoying but cute Ralph Machio way asks for the bazillionth time “When will I learn to punch?” Mr. Miyagi in his wise, calm, cool and collected way answers: “Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up go home. Understand?” And then he dumps Daniel in the freezing water.

Of course! See, much better aha moment. All that waxing on/off, sanding the deck and painting the fence would be lost if Danielson didn’t just shut up and learn to gain some balance. His punches would have no power, they would never hit a target – and kicking? – well he might as well forget about those!

At times that’s how I see myself. An, impatient, slow to listen, dancing around Lisason who can’t seem to understand the importance of balance. I want the punches and kicks I throw around in my life to be effective and meaningful and for sure I want to master that killer crane move! Balance isn’t a myth or unattainable…its just tricky, and takes a lot of effort and training.

So there you have it. My pursuit for 2013 based on wise words from a chop stick fly catching master – Mr. Miyagi. After I’m done here I will be transforming my bedroom into a dojo, wearing more black belts, writing several post it notes for my bathroom mirror and buying a vintage Karate Kid t-shirt…cause dang! I’d look good in that!


7 thoughts on “Mr. Miyagi, Resolutions and Other Deep Thoughts

  1. I set a major goal [won’t even use the “R” word] for the year, but only one that I know that I will enjoy – last year’s was to read more.[ And I did!] This year’s is to write hand-written notes on a regular basis to people who mean a lot to me – or have done something I have appreciated but haven’t let them know. PS – was just thinking the other day how I missed your entries. you must have got my espn.

  2. Oh ladies! You are all far too kind! It is good to be back in action. All this “balance” talk also applies to my blogging…I’m so skewed! :p

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